The Owl House

75 Marshall St. 14607

Tue-Sun 11-11

We’ve gone here for lunch every Sunday since they opened. They have a great outside section and awesome cocktails! Flaming Lips taste like a liquid jalepeno pepper and adds tasty hotness to the rest of the meal. We tried going Friday night but couldn’t wait the 90 minutes to be seated… maybe a weeknight will go better. That’s ok though. Dogtown is but a mere mile away…

Owl House Fooooood!! :

Flatbread Pizza (Daiya cheese)


Flaming Lips! omg


Diversified Dinners

Last night we had to meet some friends for dinner, so we chose another burger joint. I’m just happy that restaurants are now serving vegan veggie burgers. Both Bill Gray’s and Tom Wahl’s, being that they are the same restaurant, offer the same vegan burger. With convenient locations, in the mall and next to Seabreeze, vegans have the burger option along with bean burritos from Taco Bell and veggie subs from Subway. Look at us go.

Unfortunately, by the listing of cholesterol in the nutrition info, it looks as though Bill Gray’s fries are coated with something animal related. Why would they do that, you ask? Why, indeed… 😦  Maybe it’s due to the unfortunate success of McDonald’s beef flavored fries? (check it out for yourselves)   We’ve emailed Bill Gray’s and Tom Wahl’s, but nobody was able to answer our questions.

Also, Bill Gray’s includes egg on all of their salads, which are pre-made. I called ahead to have an egg-less version provided and ended up with a $3 bowl of lettuce with a packet of raspberry vingrette. No exaggeration… but, I will say it was a tasty burger.

Bill Gray's Burger

It may seem like we eat a lot of crap. Okay, it’s summer. I don’t always feel like cooking. I do love a good farmer’s market though, and with that love of finding a great deal comes a lot of fresh produce, which in turn encourages some good healthy meals. Dollar eggplants turned into a really yummy batch of Persian inspired Eggplant stew 2 nights ago. See, we do eat more than just burgers.

I found this recipe years ago in a copy of Vegetarian Times and was lucky enough to find it online.








I know eggplant doesn’t top the list of most favorite vegetable lists, but I love it. I may be vegan, but picky I am not. From celery to durian, quinoa to lima beans, I can’t think of a single vegetable, fruit, grain or legume that I don’t enjoy the taste of… except for the dreaded sea vegetable.

I never liked the taste of sea animals, so it would stand to reason that a vegetable with the same flavor would turn me off, but for some reason this really bothers me. I learned to love olives, tomatoes, onions and countless other foods to the point of craving them. I dream of the olive bar at Wegmans, eat raw tomatoes off the vine (with a pinch of salt) and adore onions in every stage of cooking, from raw to caramelized. So, why is it that no matter how many times I try sea flavored food I want to vomit in my mouth? I’ve forced myself to eat miso soup with wakame, chickpea “tuna” salad made with just a pinch of kelp power, and seaweed flavored rice crackers. The only way that I’ve found to trick the health benefits of sea vegetables down my chute is with the help of pickled ginger, wasabi and enough soy sauce to induce cardiac arrest. I mean really, who doesn’t like vegetable sushi rolls, especially with spicy tofu and pickled daikon?

Before the Masquerade.

Before the Masquerade.

All this food talk is making me hungry.


Good news! Red Robin now offers a vegan Boca burger. 

We went to the Henrietta location last night and it was packed. I was elbow to elbow with barbecue soaked, ground-up, dead cow on a roll. The downside to eating at carnivorous joints such as this is there is meat everywhere. If this bothers you, definitely stick to your own kitchen. I like to support vegan options, even at death pits like Red Robin. This is a meat-eating world after all. The only completely vegan restaurants I know of in Rochester are Ethiopian (please let me know if I’m wrong), and my hangover was screaming, “Burgers and Fries!”.  Actually it was screaming, “BURRITO! wait no, BURGERS! …wait, Burrito! … no, GUACAMOLE! Chips and Salsa… BURGERS AND FRIES! and Beer.”   Red Robin won in the end.

Red Robin offers fresh fruit as an alternative to fries (if you’re into that kinda thing). Bottomless steak fries are too hard for me to pass up, especially with the seasoning salt provided on every table.

I think it’s time to get back into working out, and maybe not drinking so much?

Mulligan Needs a Home!

Most dogs are dumped off at shelters because people just don’t care. The most common reasons I’ve heard are as follows:

  • she got pregnant and I can’t afford the puppies.
  • I am moving and am too inconsiderate to find somewhere that would accept my best friend.
  • I popped out a kid and don’t have time for my loyal companion anymore.

Contrary to popular belief, pound puppies are generally not abandoned because they are aggressive,  destructive, or just plain bad dogs… definitely not more so than any purebred dog you can buy. And, if you adopt from a rescue you’ll get some insight into how they behave in a home anyway, which is even better than supporting unnecessary breeding where you won’t know a thing about how the dog is going to turn out.

Dumping your dog off at a shelter is a death sentence. Buying a dog is choosing to allow another dog to be euthanized. I’m sorry if that offends you, but let’s stop kidding ourselves.

Would you rather be proud of buying something pretty or would you prefer to be proud of saving a life?

They don’t get much cuter than this.



6-month-old Mastiff mix

"I'll love you forever."

Many non-profit dog rescues in Rochester pull a lucky few dogs from euthanasia lists, usually just hours before they are killed.

Mulligan was pulled from a pound that euthanized over 700 dogs just last month. He is a 6 month old Mastiff mix who needs a home with another dog. He loves to play and would get pretty bored without a buddy… He went on a field trip to Ellison Park yesterday and he had a blast running around with the other dogs there. He comes when he’s called, even off-leash, which is amazing for such a young pup.

If you’d like to adopt Mulligan you can fill out an application HERE. As  dogs are adopted out more can be saved.

There is also a desperate need for people to provide temporary homes for these sweet pound puppies. Learn more about becoming a foster HERE.

Hello beautiful day off. Nice to see you.

I shall enjoy you with a caramel latte and yummy toasted bagel.

We bought a bag of day old bagels from a great little bagel place on Winton Rd. yesterday, and I am right now enjoying an Everything with Balsam Bagel’s own vegan veggie cream cheese.


Balsam Bagels has quite a few vegan options, including soups and phyllo pockets, not to mention tons of varieties of bagels and several flavors of cream cheese. I love going there on a lazy Sunday morning to enjoy a toasted multi-grain everything bagel with earth balance and french onion cream cheese. The coffee is always delicious, especially with a vegan biscotti (double chocolate! among others). As an extra added bonus they have Silk Creamer free of charge, unlike those bastards at Starbucks who charge 50 cents, even if I just need a Tablespoon in my coffee.

As for my latte this morning… it is homemade. How fancy am I?

Quite a few months back, with my tax refund money in fact, I purchased a cheapish DeLonghi Espresso Maker in rebellion against Starbucks $6 soy lattes. I’m quite proud that this machine is still in use… however, I can’t seem to give up Starbucks completely. I have finally bought and registered a Starbucks gift card for myself, so I can now get soy milk for free (after I use it 5 freaking times), and with a registered gift card I get a free beverage when I buy whole beans for my espresso machine… and of course there’s the obligatory free birthday drink.

$5.50 latte? Still crazy, but better than a $6 latte. If only I could stick to only making my own…