How do I love thee, Wegmans? Let me count the ways.

Specifically, Pittsford Wegmans.

They have an all vegetarian prepared foods bar and they (mostly) label items that are vegan. They also make the vegetarian Indian items without dairy! You know what that means? VEGAN Chana Masala… and it is really good. If you look around the store there are all sorts of vegan goodies, too.

Fresh Vegetarian Bar:

Vege bar is actually twice this size. The hot bar is directly to the right of this. Not sure how I missed getting a picture of it…

Vegetarian Bar

One of our plates:   German potato salad,  Hot and Spicy Tofu, Herb Tofu (my favorite) covered in Vegan Ranch (!), and Chana Masala.


The food changes nightly, but they always have an array of hot vegetable dishes, several tofu choices, Asian and Indian dishes, and several cold salads such as vegan mac salad, cilantro tabouleh, and noodle slaw among others.

We may have a problematic addiction to this place. We visit several times a week and it’s not cheap… but it’s the best vegan ranch I’ve ever tasted.


Natural Oasis.

Who can beat a $4 meal?

Fuck McDonalds. eh hem. Pardon me. The fact that people, with a choice, still eat at places like McDonalds makes me a little angry…  moving on.

Natural Oasis is the only 100% vegan restaurant that I know of in Rochester. The food is very simple, and VERY delicious. There is no lack in flavor here. The risotto, OMG The Risotto, is worth the trip on it’s own. Gimme a bowl of the risotto and a bowl of those moan-worthy lentils, and a friend to share with, and I’m set for the night. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. I’m not exaggerating. I’m told the spice mixture for the lentils is shipped over from family in Ethiopia. It may not be the most eco-friendly way to do it, but the result is ridiculously good.

The hours are kind of terrible (dinner is from 5pm-8pm, closed Sun + brunch 11-4) and the ambiance is so quiet it almost feels like a library, but the food and the prices are what makes this place stand out.

I recommend going for dinner so you have a choice of what to order (risotto and lentils!). The menu changes nightly, but the staples stay the same. We did try the brunch buffet once, and it was nice to fill up on delicious, hearty, healthy food, but I much preferred… well, I preferred being able to order the risotto.

The brunch buffet is $9 and includes brown rice, lentils, soup, salad,  greens and other steamed veg, and of course as much injera bread as you want.

This Photo Does Not Do The Food Justice.