Eastern Asian Fare

First off, my apologies for going AWOL. A year ago I made the decision to go back to school and have since been diligently working on my degree. I read through my past posts and feel I should update a bit before getting to the (faux) meat of this post.


  1. Starbucks no longer offers free soy milk with registered cards! I know. Wtf. As if they can’t afford to let us have our soy for the same price as cow’s milk. News flash, suits. Cow’s milk ain’t cheap, either. Not cool.
  2. I feel bad for downplaying Natural Oasis’ buffet. We’ve been going almost every Monday night for the past few months, and it is divine. It is simple, healthy, delicious food. If you’re looking to eat healthier and still want to gorge yourself, head over to Natural Oasis for lunch or Monday night buffet.
  3. The Owl House now has brunch, as does John’s Tex Mex. Both have awesome vegan options. Check them out!
  4. I’d like to add Amaya Bar & Grill to the list of Indian restaurants with vegan options. 1900 Clinton Ave. South 14618

Okay, I think that should do it.



Rochester vegans have many options when it comes to Thai food, but I will only list the few I have personally tasted after giving the waitstaff the third degree. Apologies for lack of pics. I will update asap.

  • Pattaya: 1843 Pennfield Rd, Rt. 441 Penfield

I highly recommend starting off with a cup of Tom Yum or Tom Kar soup. The crispy and fresh spring rolls are always good, as well.

For noodle dishes try the Phat Thai aka Pad Thai (ask for no fish sauce, shrimp paste or egg). The bean thread noodles are also delicious if you don’t mind a chewier noodle than typical. Also, The King and I have a deliciously naughty, deep-fried, Crispy Noodle dish. I’m not really a big noodle eater, but I do taste test from my hubby’s plate, of course.

My personal favorite dishes include the Eggplant Vegetable for lovers of deep fried eggplant, the Basil Vegetable for basil lovers, and the Cashew Vegetable for, you guessed it, cashew lovers.


Osaka Sushi is a very reasonably priced new place in Gates with All You Can Eat Sushi. It is not easy to eat here as a vegan, but with perseverance it can be done and is totally worth it. Be sure to request no mayo sauce, no fish eggs, no fish sauce, and no honey. Most of the waitstaff speaks English as a second language and will not understand you; dishes may need to be sent back, but that only makes it easier for the waitstaff to understand what you are asking for the rest of the meal… which will keep coming and coming and is unbelievably worth it. They have Sushi rolls and hand rolls, Eggplant Teriyaki,  Fried Vegetable Udon Teppanyaki, Seaweed Salad (beware of other salads with mayo based dressing), Edamame, and Fried Tofu.


Like Japanese sans sushi, vegan safe Chinese has never been easy for me to find in Rochester. I am happy to announce that we’ve discovered three lovely establishments with exceptional options.

Jade palace has TVP like you’ve never had before. They have “Chicken” with Cashews, General Tso’s “Chicken”, and “Chicken” with vegetables, all of which are spectacular. They also have Lemon and Orange “Chicken” in the TVP line, although these are very sweet they do have their place in the cravings category. Of course, they also have the usual mixed vegetables, and my personal favorite, Subgum vegetables with tofu. I’m a big fan of their full bar with great prices. $4 dirty martini, anyone?

  • Golden Port Dim Sum: 105 East Ave. Downtown

I’m a huge fan of their “Chicken” with Vegetables. The Sesame Eggplant is delish, and they make the fattest, most fulfilling veggie sushi rolls around.

Wok With You is a Chinese and Thai restaurant all rolled into one satisfying establishment with an extensive menu… and I have pics! I shall now list my recommendations in the following order: drinks, apps, sushi, soups, entrees… Here goes: Coconut Water, Hot Tea, a beautiful selection of Sake, Fresh and Fried Veggie Spring Rolls, Sushi Rolls (avocado, oshinko, tofu skin,  and shitake brown rice are my faves), Miso Soup (I  prefer no seaweed so I order veggie noodle soup with udon or rice noodles and miso broth only… otherwise they WILL give you chicken broth. If your broth isn’t cloudy, send it back because it is not miso which means it is chicken broth!), Salt & Pepper Tofu, Me Fun noodles (no egg), and the overwhelming favorite among all friends and family, Sesame Mock Chicken. Their Sesame Mock Chicken is sweet, sticky, fried, and very chicken-like. Ommie nom noms.

Me Fun Veggie Noodles (no egg)

Me Fun Veggie Noodles (no egg)

Sesame Mock Chicken

Sesame Mock Chicken

Salt&Pepper Tofu, Vegetable Udon Soup with Miso

Salt&Pepper Tofu, Vegetable Udon Soup with Miso

I hope this has been helpful. I shall return sooner to insert pics, and later to post again. Please be bold, smile, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to send food back, but Tip Well and Be Grateful!

It’s all for the animals. 🙂