What up, Carrot Dog?


I’m just going to go ahead and pretend that I haven’t been M.I.A for 7 months and instead talk about how…

Farmer’s markets are the shiz.

I have just recently started juicing again and Rochester’s many farmer’s markets make juicing a double fun adventure.


We visit the amazing Brighton Farmer’s Market on Sundays. I think this one is my favorite. Besides a wide array of fresh produce, they have venders offering vegan biscotti, maple samples (!), Hedonist chocolate*, coffee with almond milk, and vegan street food**

Plus, they allow dogs.   <(high five)


Thursday’s Irondequoit Farmer’s Market is my second favorite. Besides produce they have all sorts of crafty stands, fresh and dried herbs, pickled wares, sauces and such. Really though, we go there for the Carrot Dog.

If you haven’t yet heard of these, the carrot dog is a carrot (yes really) that has been marinated in some sort of Italian-y marinade and grilled like a hot dog. They have all sorts of toppings with which to smother it.


Yes, I’ll take 6 please.


* I highly recommend you get your butts to Hedonist for their chocolate sorbet. zomg.

** If you missed your chance at trying out Lettuce B. Frank when they had the bistro next to The Cinema Theater (and Princess the cat!), you must find their food truck and stuff your face with their beet burger deliciousness. The carrot slider is just okay, although the hubs really likes it… They have a veggie dog, too!